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About Rich Meyers

About Rich Myers

I was admitted to the California state bar in 1980, and I have been practicing in Fresno since 1981. In 1991, I began to focus my practice on the various areas of family law. In doing so, I realized there needed to be a more personalized approach for a family law client, in which I would assist clients with all of the routine needs they may have in the family law area. By having my firm focus on all areas of family law, I feel I can best serve my client’s life-issues as their needs arise.
My clients feel that they are well informed about the progress and the cost of their legal work. The retainer I request is not based on the overall anticipated cost of the entire case, and each retainer varies depending on the individual case. Since most people are unable to pay for their entire case up front, a person is more likely to be able to afford to hire me so their case and representation can begin as soon as possible. The retainer requested for each case is based on the usual, initial work needed to stabilize the situation. This is so the balance of their legal work can be completed and invoiced to the client as the case progresses, in the ordinary pace of people’s lives.
Our practice offers a free half-hour initial consultation. If at the end of that time you aren’t ready to hire me, then at least you have more information about your situation than when you walked in our door. Once I am retained, I discuss every possible aspect of all cases with my clients so that they know what can and what cannot be done legally. There is little point in paying an attorney to fight for something the court cannot legally order. As well, there is no gain in settling a case if you don’t know every factor that goes into making a settlement. Only when you know all factors of a case before considering any settlement can you balance the cost of legal work against the potential gain of reaching an agreement.


   Juris Doctor Degree
   Graduated Cum Laude, 1980
   Master’s Degree in English Literature
   Graduated with Honors, 1972
   Bachelor of Arts Degree, 1967

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