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  • Spousal Support
  • Step-Parent Adoptions
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Trust and Estate Law
  • Visitation
  • Wills


There are three kinds of adoptions which we regularly handle in our practice:

Independent Adoptions:

This is an adoption where two adult individuals wish to adopt a child. Sometimes the individuals are related to the child in some way other than being their parent, or sometimes the individuals are not related to the child whatsoever. An independent adoption requires the consent of both natural parents or the termination of their parental rights, unless one or both of the parents have passed away. In all independent adoption cases, the adoption request will be investigated by the California Department of Social Services, and the termination of parental rights portion of the case will be investigated normally by the local Family Court Services of that county. We assist our clients with all phases of their cases and the investigations, and we routinely handle such adoptions.

Step-Parent Adoptions:
The most common form of adoption is the step-parent adoption, where the new spouse of an individual wants to adopt that person’s child born to a prior relationship. This adoption always requires the consent of the non-custodial, natural parent or the termination of that absent parents' rights, unless that parent has passed away. In all step-parent adoption cases, the adoption request and the termination of parental rights will be investigated, normally by the local Family Court Services of that county. We assist our clients with all phases of their cases and investigations, and we also routinely handle step parent adoption cases.
One of the most important reasons why step-parent adoptions should be completed, involves the fact that just because you have remarried and the other natural parent isn’t involved with your child, or fails to support your child, this does not mean that your new spouse, who has always acted as the parent of your child, will be able to continue to do so if you pass away. Unless an adoption and termination of the other parent’s parental rights is completed with the court before you pass away, the person who your child has come to rely on as a parent, and who has lived in the household with the child for years, will have no legal or parental rights over your child whatsoever.

Adult Adoptions:
This is a simple procedure, which is less complex than either of the above two adoptions, because no notice is required of parents or relatives, nor is any investigation required by government agencies. Often adults over the age of 18 desire to be formally adopted by a non-related person who was in their life as a child, however, the above adoption options were never sought while they were minors. Our firm can help you with this procedure.

Guardianships of Minors

Our Family Law practice also includes representation in the area of guardianships of children. A guardianship can be filed by either a family member, or by an unrelated adult who desires to assist a minor child in their upbringing when the minor’s parents are unavailable or unwilling to do so. A guardianship can be sought for the person and/or the estate of the child, depending on the circumstances of each individual child.
Often the filing of a guardianship petition is the best path for a grandparent who desires greater decision-making authority for a child in need, who they have been otherwise informally caring for without authority recognized by a court. Again, each case is very different, and Rich R. Myers can meet with you to determine the best path for you and the child if you are in this situation.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are contracts signed by soon-to-be spouses before marriage, which can help both people plan for their needs in the future in the event of a divorce and is part of an estate plan.  A properly prepared and supervised prenuptial agreement has the greatest likelihood of keeping you from prolonged litigation in the event of a divorce.  Also, a prenuptial agreement can assist a person who finds themselves in a future divorce to avoid the challenge of clearly tracing assets and debts between community and separate funds.

A postnuptial agreement has the same protections as a prenuptial agreement, however because it is signed after the marriage, it may face a greater legal challenge in the event of a future dissolution of marriage.  Certainly entering into a postnuptial agreement is far more effective than having no agreement at all, however, we urge our clients to utilize the protection of a prenuptial agreement before marriage if at all possible.  If you are planning to marry, or if you are married and desire protection in the event of a divorce, Rich R. Myers can discuss these issues with you to determine what the best course of action is for you to protect you, your property, and your family.

Estate Plans

Depending on the circumstances of each individual, a person may need a different estate plan that varies from what another person might require.  An estate plan can include a Will and an Intervivos Trust (also known as a “Living Trust”).  It can also include a Durable Power of Attorney, as well as Emergency Medical Instructions.  Often people feel that they don’t need an estate plan because they have few assets, however the size or value of your assets is not the sole determining factor in the preparation of an estate plan.  The question of whether a person is married at the time of death, whether they have children together or from another relationship, or, if there are any of their children, grandchildren or beneficiaries who minors at the time of their death can all be important considerations as to your estate plan needs.

Schedule an appointment to meet with Rich R. Myers to review your estate and family circumstances if you do not have an estate plan.  We can also review your existing estate plans to determine if they still meet your needs, or if your plans need to be modified.

Restraining Orders Involving Domestic Violence

Domestic violence restraining orders are available to partners in a relationship who are connected by marriage, are unmarried but living together, or individuals who are parents to a child, even if they are not married where there has been a threat of violence.  Children and other people who live with the parties in dispute can receive protection from the court as well.  As with all Family Law cases, the protections available and circumstances are unique to each person who finds themselves in distress. Rich R. Myers can help any person who has been served with an application for domestic violence restraining orders, or a person who feels they are in need of court-ordered protection from a domestic violence issue.  Schedule an appointment so that you can review your situation with us.

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